Thursday, June 6, 2013

Flames of War Early War French defend town against Italians

Another Battle report from the Charlotte Flames of War game day at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne on 25 May 13. This was a four player game. Chuckaroo and Tom playing the French Fusilier defenders deployed in the town against Brian and Chris fielding the Italian armor onslaught. They played for over three hours but finally finished the game.

The sleepy hamlet filled to the brim with French infantry.

Italian armor rolls on from one flank

More Italian armor rolls on from the other flank.

French infantry await the onslaught.

French light tanks wait in the town center.

The Italian armor moves into range.

Italian infantry advance into the French machine gun company with bad results.

Italian armor burning.

Italian tanks press the flank.

End game, the French hold the town while the wave of Italian armor breaks on its walls.

I really enjoy seeing well painted armies on great terrain.



Anonymous said...

Looks really good. Would really like to get involved in playing Flames of War.

ColKillgore said...

These games were played at Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne in Cornelius North Carolina near Charlotte NC. They have a Charlotte Flames of War group that gets together. They also have a Flames of War Yahoo group at

If you are close to Charlotte they can get you up to speed.