Friday, June 7, 2013

Genestealer Cultist unit on GW site

I was pointed over here White Dwarf Daily 05June13 by a guy on the Genestealer cult yahoo group.

If you scroll down you will see this

As part of a Warhammer 40k Weekend you can choose a Genestealer Cultist unit for your army.

I played a Genestealer cult back in the day and still have all the model and then some. The last time I fielded them was back in 2012, with a battle report here Rogue Trader Cleanses Genestealer Cult The regular Genestealer cult army has gone away from 40k but they are still alive in the minds of gamers.



DeanM said...

Cool looking figures - great colors. Best, Dean

Chris said...

It honestly took me a minute to notice the extra arms and genestealer bits. In my opinion that's exactly what you'd want with a genestealer cult.

ColKillgore said...

It is a really nice looking squad. I need to dig my Hybrids out and maybe update some of them one day. I hope that the rumored allies book will have a Genestealer cult detachment in it.