Monday, June 3, 2013

Flames of War Early War Soviet Purge part 1

A group of the basement of Heaped Miniature regular headed back down to Parker banner Kent and Wayne for another day of Flames of War with the Charlotte Flames of War group. After the first games were arranged, it was Patrick and his early war Soviets against my early war Soviets in a purge to remove the traitors.

We were able to set up on the Soviet steppe board with a town in the middle.

We were running 1000 point armies and I came up with a new army plan. The biggest change is adding in a Polikarpov I-153 biplane for some air support. I dropped one Strelkovy company to ten stands and dropped four hmg stands from the hmg company. With the points saved I added the I-153 and a group of four 45mm at guns.

Patrick didn't have a list ready for Early War so after a quick read over the Early War Strelkovy list he fielded two full strength Strelkovy companies, four 45mm at guns and five T-70 light tanks to stand in for T-26s.

The scenario had reserves so I deployed my 45mm guns beside the objective and put the Strelkovy company in a column to double time toward the enemy.

Patrick spread out his Strelkovy around one objective and deployed his 45mm guns back to get a better field of fire.

The I-153 made its first appearance on the table and shoot up some Strelkovy infantry.

My Strelkovy, goaded on by the Command Commissar, double time down the road to get to grips with the enemy.

The Strelkovy continue to double time through the town finally getting sight of the enemy.

Patrick's light tanks arrive from reserve and fire on my strelkovy killing several bases.

My Strelkovy move up and assault into Patrick's.

The Strelkovy carry the day and move onto the objective.

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the battle.



John Lambshead said...

Ah, now that's real wargaming. I love that period.

ColKillgore said...

The early war period is starting to grow on me. When an I-153 and some T-26s are the kings of the battle field, it adds a whole new element to the game.