Friday, May 17, 2013

Charlotte Flames of War 1000 point Early War Battles

A group of the Basement of Heaped Miniatures Regulars carpooled down to Parker Banner Kent and Wayne for some Early War games with the Charlotte Flames of War group. We played 1000 point armies and several of the guys managed multiple games.I played a Soviet Strelkovt Batalon, Chuckaroobob played French Fusiliers, Jody played French Infantry, Darkrovar played German Armor, Tom played British armor, Gary played British armor, Brian played German light armor and Keith played French Armor.

The Charlotte guys turned out some excellent terrain including this Eastern Orthodox Church on the Russian steppe table.

The action heats up, The French armor being smoked by the German armor.

German armor making the dash across the airfield.

French Fusiliers moving to stop the German Light armor breakthrough.

French anti-tank guns on the flank of the German light tank company.

The Soviet Strelkovy Batalon charges the first wave into the French guns.

The Soviet 1931 B-4 203mm howitzers, standing in for some 122mm howitzers reposition to get a line of sight shot at the French Infantry.

German armor victorious, French armor company destroyed.

French fusiliers still holding the German light tank company from breaking through.

The Soviet high tide, The Strelkovy Platoon fails to assault the French light tanks.

German Stuka strafes the French fusiliers and score two casualties.

The French light tanks move to gun down the Soviet heavy machine gun company.

The German armor takes the field again, this time against a British Armor company.

The German light armor Breaking through the French Fusiliers.

The Stuka returns to add insult to injury on the French fusiliers anti-tank guns.

The first Soviet Strelkovy company is removed from play and I fail the second wave roll so they are gone for good.

The French Light tanks have made short work of the Heavy machine gun company and fire on the 1931 B-4 203mm howitzers killing one. I then have to make the company morale roll and I leave the field.

We ended up with nine players for the day and I think everybody gained a new respect for the differences of the Early War Flames of War. Personally, it was my first Early War game with the Soviets and I have come back with a new plan. I have reorganized the Strelkovy and have picked up a few new units to make a much better army.


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Very nice report, great planes!