Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Painting the White Buffalo

 Hi Kids,  All is not fun and frolic in the hectic world of LA, sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!  And this man has got to do some painting!  I really didn't get a lot accomplished, just a fistful of 25mm animals for the always-planned-never-played Safari/Pulp game.  I had a single Bison/Buffalo of the American variety, and just thought maybe I'd do a little something different...
I remembered way on back there was a movie with the mystical White Buffalo, apparently some kind of magical animal...  Maybe not as magical as Bigfoot (yeah, got one of them rattling around the basement someplace too) but it would definitely be a nifty way to paint my lonely Buff.  I wasn't sure how to get the right white effect on his back half so I didn't try, but that just makes him even more mystical.  Of course, critics will no doubt rush to paint up a proper white buffalo so we can all see how its done!
And here we have the other painting job, six Cape Buffalo!  Not really sure where these came from, except I discovered them in a Tupperware container full of Spanish-American War minis from Tiger.  There were also 3 T34/76 and some Bulgarian arty crews. You never know what might surface in the basement!  Lately I've been looking for the 3rd ed Flames of War rulebook.  It remains hidden, but no doubt I'll find all sorts of other crap in the meantime.  Cape Buff are traditionally black, but a guy gets tired of black.  I figured a blue-ish tinge might be the way to go with these.  Some of them turned out a little more blue than I would like, but they haven't complained yet!  These guys are considerably smaller than my North Star Buff, but we can always say they are juveniles.  Like me!

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ColKillgore said...

The old movie about the white buffalo would be the 1977 western called "White Buffalo" staring Charles Bronson. Never fear the Pulp Safari game could break out at any given moment.