Thursday, May 2, 2013

Littlefield Tank Collection Part Three

 Hi Kids, Time for Bldg #3 at Littlefield, let's start off with one of my fav's, the Brit Matilda 2!  A real heavyweight of the early war, even the dreaded German 88 had trouble with these things!
 Another shot of the PZ1 microtank.
 A rarity in the tank world, a PZ4!  I think this one arrived via Germany, Syria, and Israel.
 The line up.  That's a Sherman, an Israeli Super Sherman, a T55, M3, T72, and M60!
 Other side of the aisle, M5 Stuart, Panther, T34/85m and Pershing!
The guide called this one their pride and joy, and hardcore treadheads will no doubt recognize it from the TV show "Tank Overhaul."  It's the Panther, and maybe the best example on the planet! It came through a 5 year US$6Million restoration IIRC.  These lads are so hardcore they not only got the paint colors right, they got the chemical composition of the paint right too!

The butt end of an M5 Stuart.  A good side to show the Huns as you disappeared over the nearest hill, otherwise you were in trouble.
 Two shots of a PZ 222 armored car.
A British Early war disaster, the rattletrap lightweight Mk 6.  The guide said when the Axis captured these they did not press them into service.  Even the Italians, not known for their tank designs, refused to use them. That says a lot.
 A US made version of the FT-17, called the 6 ton.

 Our fearless guide fields questions from the lads while relaxing with an M5 Stuart.
 Front view of the Mk 6. The guide is afraid to lean on this one. He might have to knock the dents out.
Another shot of 501, recovered from a river in Poland.

And another.
 A Czech version of the world famous T54/55.
 T34/85.  Good thing Stalin had about 20,000 of these.  You never know what the Huns are going to come up with next....
 Pretty sure this is another Israeli Super....
And another Sherman....

 And a really really late war US Pershing.
 Two shots of a Brit Cruiser, the Crusader. Crap armor, crap motor, crap gun. Eye-yi-yi...
 IIRC this is a Swiss tank, maybe a 61?  Anybody?

 Two shots of an Israeli M48, this one was knocked out by a handheld AT weapon, possibly an RPG.  It still has the hole through the rear armor into the engine.

And the final shot of this building, an East German T-72.  Gotta love that movable gill armor!  For a limited time only, as the Commies figured out you could get the same effect with bazooka plates.  Cheaper, more reliable, and more effective to boot!

There's one more building to go and a few shots from the great outdoors coming soon to a computer near you!  Can you stand the strain? Chuckster out.

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