Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Littlefield Tank Collection Part Two

 Hi Kids, Here we are in the second building, We've got an up-armored Leo 1!
 Just outside are an M1 pre-production vehicle, and some kind of funky pre-production amphibian the Marines were messing around with just recently.  This particular one could do something like 40 knots in the water.  It has no tracks, its just a test bed for the wet propulsion system.
 Quad fifties on a halftrack, must be an M16!  Before that name went all plastic and tiny bullets.
 Another example of the sexiest tank ever, the Chieftain, this one is a later model retrofitted with Stillbrew armor.  I got to drive one of these 10 years ago in the UK.  Smooth!
 If Quad 50's is good, Quad 23mm must be better!  Those Soviets!  Always one-upping everybody.
 Another horror to behold, the M60A2 Starship.  Same 152mm gun/missile launcher as the M551.  Didn't work here either.  The army only built about 500 of these, with good reason.
A West German Marder, although the guide called it something else.

 A late war/ Korean war M4 Sherman 76mm.  Next door a Swedish tank.

 IIRC this is a Russian armored car, maybe a BTR 40?
 Another late war tank, the Brit Cromwell or Comet.  I'm thinking Comet, but I don't know...
Another Sherman derivative.  Arg!  Get outta the way!

 One of the millions of APC's the Commies built, this one is a BTR-60.
 Another view of the M60A2 and the Chieftain.
 The biz end of the M16.
 A Soviet designed arty, the 2S1, or maybe a 3.  I think it was the 152mm version.  Captured in Iraq, like so many other Soviet pieces.
Group shot.

That's it for this building, tune in tomorrow for the continuing adventures of the Chuckster at Littlefield!


ColKillgore said...

When the boys came back from the first gulf war I helped unload the ships and we drove off all kinds of captured iraqi vehicles destined for Fort Hood.


Chris said...

I always enjoy reading your show and tell articles from the different armor museums that you go to.

DeanM said...

Littlefield, huh? Nice collection of armor. I recently visited Bovington and they also had an impressive array - not one, but two King Tigers. Best, Dean

Chuckaroobob said...

I dig Bov Big Time. Of the museums I've visited its definitely the best, followed by IWM Duxford. I still need to get to the Russian and French museums!