Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chivas USA With the Chuckster

Hi Kids, Since I'm boring everyone to tears with my vaca pix, I figured I could finish everyone off with some soccer (what some call "football" for some reason)!
 That's me in my 15 minutes of fame; the fan club had some extra flags and I did my bit to block other folks view of the game!  All together now;  "CHIVAS!  U! S! A!"
 No, this is not a bullfight, this is what it looks like underneath the huge banner that covers up the entire fan club section.  A more effective way to block everybody's view!
 Yes, there was a game going on at the time.  Chivas vs. San Jose Earthquakes, ended up a 2:2 tie.
 Things getting tense....
For the second half we moved away from the fan section and watched from the corner.


ColKillgore said...

It seems someone had quite the trip.


Dai said...

As a San Jose fan, I find this post enjoyable. :)