Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ork Dreadnoughts that time forgot

Hi Kids, Well, we might as well give the Orks equal time.  I might have lost a few dreads over the years, I used to have 7 official GW ones.  Oh well.  I think these things used to retail for about $7.00.  Isn't that about 25% of a fine-cast(TM) hero now?  Yoinks!!!  I used to play Orks all the freakin' time, it made me a extremely popular opponent since most of the time they were 95% helpless.  I think my overall record would be something like 3:4288.  People would actually fight each other to be my opponents, especially in tournaments.  I think a lot of them had never seen an ork player before.  Yeah, that's me, right next to the dog-faced boy.  Rarer than honest politicians.  I remember one Carnage tournament in particular, the two guys on either side of me were having so much fun blowing the living crap out of me that the fourth player diagonally away from me walked his Chaos Marines onto the central objective and had never been shot at.  Go figure.  And yes, I readily admit I usually have no idea what I'm doing and my luck rivals Larry Brom's for worst on the planet.

 One of the first I built, named after one of the units in AH's game "Caesar's Legions,"  the world famous 10-3 Heavy Mob.  If that's not an orky name I don't know what could be.
The first of the full sized dreads, which means I paid an extra $5.00 and got the extra body section and two more arms. I always wanted to build a 4 combat armed model and a 4 weapon armed model, but I never got around to it.  I'm sure  all you hardcore Rogue Trader fans remember the 10th SS Drop Legion from the original book!!!!
 Another unit from The Book, the 251st Iron Stompers!
 Of course, a guy gets tired of painting back banners....  Heavy plasma gun? Check!  And I even used some art medium to make the flock.  Textured gesso or something like that.

 When a guy also gets tired of painting everything in sight red....  Why not a red/purple/black camo?  And maybe a switch up is in order, put the guns on the top arms.  Hmmmm.  I think I like the other layout better.  This unit is the 23rd Perennially Indignant (on the back of the banner) and their motto is "Jail Us, We're Drunk!"  No, nobody wins anything for naming the author who came up with that one.  Although he's one of my favs. Another hint: "Vacations in Hell."
 Late additions to the ork armored forces, these might be from Demonblade.  Or not.
 I can't keep track of everything.  My memory is all sorts of crappy lately.
A few Space Marines await their turn on the painting table.  Yeah, it could be awhile.  Yeah, those are loose figs in the bottom two inches of these Tupperware containers.  And yeah, I have even been reduced to brown bagging some.  Yeah, some Warzone Capital dudes mixed in for variety.  Those are indeed beaky sprues in the corner of the left container.

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I had one of those old round ones.