Friday, June 14, 2013

Land Raiders from First Edition

Hi Kids,  Seems I'm stuck in a rut, nothing new to post.  I just finished painting 3 15mm Old Glory T34/85's, and now I'm working on 10 25mm Tiger Minis Spanish snipers for the SpAm War.  But no pictures yet.  Howsabout I keep posting old stuff?  Here's some tanks from WAY on back.  GW used to sell them $20 for 2 IIRC.  The new ones are about $80US each now.  I kept one of the newbies, sold the other 5 on ebay.  I bought all the newbs when I was dreaming of Apocalypse, which I foolishly thought would be simplified 40K for big battles.  Little did I know it was the exact opposite.

 This first one is painted up for the 8th Shock Assault Legion, aka The Imperial Dicks.  No, that's not weathering, its covered in dust.  I guess you could say that's Mother Nature's weathering.  A lot of guys tell me it must be French since it has the colors of the Tricolor.  Ignorant!  Red White and Blue is the United States of America!  In RT days they were about 700 points, while an Eldar D-cannon was 50 and could blow it up if the template touched a millimeter of the track.  Disappeared into the warp!  Rules like that are why I never painted up.....
...The second of the matched pair.  Twins I guess.  All the vital small parts are inside the hull.  The hatch ring pops out so it's not that much trouble, not like breaking a piggy bank.  Not sure who built this thing, it wasn't me.  I'd have painted it while building it, otherwise it's too big a pain to get into all those corners.  Man, that's a lot of corners!


DeanM said...

Very nice tank - incredible price increases too. Best, Dean

ColKillgore said...

Back in Rogue Trader I would always give my sergeant a vortex grenade. My buddy said it was a waste of points until I popped one on his land raider and it disappeared into the warp. 25 point grenade for 600 point land raider I would make those trades all day long. He didn't talk about the vortex grenade being a waste of points after that.