Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chaos Thugs

I have been under the weather this weekend but did organize some figures for future projects. One group of figures are my Marauder chaos thugs with bows I plan to use as Ungor archer proxies. The painted ones are some of the first models I ever bought back in '89 or '90. I originally used them as followers in my Slaanesh Warband. I guess it was third edition warhammer fantasy battle and we were playing a campaign using the first volume of the Realms of Chaos books. Yes they look like a group of barbarian aerobic instructors in all their pastel glory but no longer. I put them in the simple green and once they are cleaned up they will join the rest with a new paint job. The middle group are plastic chaos archers from the Battlemasters game that I have traded for over the years. The back group is more of the Marauder models I picked up off of Ebay a few years ago. I planned to use them as back rankers for my Kislev allied detachment but that project was side tracked. Now I will field them as Ungor archers.
A bad story goes along with these guys. I originally had sixteen of the chaos thug archers. At the time they came eight in a box from Marauder. I needed ten, so I bought two boxes. At the time I was living in Louisiana and volunteered to run a demo game for a game shop in Lake Charles. I had a great day and showed a bunch of people how to play the game but when I went to pack up four of the thugs were gone, a standard bearer, a champion and two archers. It was the first time I had models stolen from the table and unfortunately it wouldn't be the last time. I had no idea who took them and I didn't do any demo gaming for a long time.
It still bothers me but the worst part is I doubt they took them to game with they just took them because they could.
The good part is they will see the table again.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Lol, finally found the manufacturer of my first miniature ever!!!

It's a chaos thug(with bow and mohawk by GW!



Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Sorry not GW but battlemasters or is that a game from GW?

I also had a minotaur of the same brand (pity I lost him :()

Greets and sorry for the double post

ColKillgore said...

The metal thugs were made by Marauder. It was a company that made models for Gammes Workshop.

The Battlemasters game was made by Milton Bradley ( I think, I am not sure) but the figures were produced by Games Workshop for them.

I also have some of the plastic knghts that came with the game. I use them as my proxy knights in any army that fields knights.