Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese Muster

There has been some talk of Disposable Heroes thrown around lately and It has motivated me to get a Chinese force painted up for the next game. Using The Red Sun, Red Death supplement I figured up a 500 point force consisting of a command section, three rifle squads and a 75mm field gun.
I still had a bunch of Chinese models left in the box so I set up all the extras to see how large a force I could field. So after a little bit of quick organizing, I can field a full Chinese infantry platoon with four fifteen man infantry squads and a full Big Sword platoon with three fifteen man squads of broom handle pistol armed assault troops.
For support elements I have one maxim machine gun and three field guns. I totaled up the points and this gives me about 1300 points of Chinese troops for Disposable Heroes games. I am using some WWI German light machine gunners as proxies for Chinese gunners but I plan to get some Finnish lmg troopers and do a head swap to make them blend a little better with the Chinese.
I am contemplating a few other additions but I think they can wait for later.


sonsoftaurus said...

Cool, should be good for Chinese warlord troops as well as ROC guys.

ColKillgore said...

The models are mostly copplestone castings warlord chinese but they work for WWII chinese troops too. I also plan to paint the soldiers in caps, the machine gun crews and the field gun crews khaki so I can double them as Mexican troops for mexican revolution games.