Monday, February 15, 2010

Ha Go and Deacons finished

I finished up several models since the last post.

First is a 28mm scale Ha Go light Japanese tank from WWII. It is from All Fronts Armor Depot and was a gift from Chuckaroobob. It is a resin model and has a lot of flaws but is a fine gaming miniature. I had to repair the main gun, added wire to make the hull and rear turret machine guns, filled many voids and filed off a bunch of mold lines. I started with a black prime then a base coat of burnt umber. Then a dry brush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand. The green is a Vallejo olive green and the brown is a Vallejo red leather. The yellow disruption stripe was based with gw bronzed flesh and finished with a reaper lemon yellow. You ask "Whats with the yellow stripe?" That was the way it was in the Osprey book so I guess it was the way the Japanese did it back in the day. Now I have to paint up a bunch of my Japanese Infantry to back it up.
I put the finishing touches on the Deacons a while back. I started with a black prime and a Burnt Umber base coat. Next was a couple heavy dry brushes of gw Kommando Khaki followed by a highlight of Vallejo Iraqi Sand. Vallejo Ivory on the headlight, black on the tires and gw Bronzed flesh on the crews flesh. Now they are ready to be fielded in the next Afrika flames of War game.

I did it again and bought the new Beastman army book for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It looks like I will be updating my beastman army once again. I also picked up a box of the new ungors and plan to build them with bows. I have a bunch of chaos thug archers from back in third edition Warhammer and the battlemaster game. They are going to return to the table again as ungor archer proxies. My biggest gripe about the new book is that Ungors have been moved back to 20mm bases. I have already rebased all my older ungors to match the last editions on 25mm bases and as much as I don't like it I am leaning towards rebaseing all forty five of my current ungors back to 20mm bases. There is alot of snazzy stuff in the new book but I have just started to read it.


Chuckaroobob said...

Hiya Scott, That Ha-Go looks a lot better than I imagined it would. After all that hard work, no, you don't have to give it back. We're due for some games of Disposable Heroes, and the Japanese should be in this round of games! And maybe some Chinese too. Good thing you've got all that free time! C'ya, Charles

Kenshinzo 7 said...

I got one box each of the new plastics as well, really liking the ungors and the bestigors. I might actually finish my beast army now.
I feel your pain about the old ungors. I had 4 of the old boxes and I will still use the Gors ,but not the ungors. I will eventually phase them out for the new ones.

ColKillgore said...

I have been thinking about the ungor situation and have decided to leave the old ungors with hand weapons on 25mmm bases and use them as back rank gors. I will still probably rebase the ungors with spears and some of the ungor command figures on 20mm to have a few units to field.