Tuesday, August 26, 2008

80k of 40k Apocalypse At the Castle

Here is a picture from my end of the table during the enemies of the imperium set up. It was the first time my plague towers had seen the table. I was happy to find out that the Apocalypse Reloaded book had raised the armour values on the Plague Tower Datafax from the one available online without raising the points cost. My 3k army consisted of the three Plague towers, a four Vindicator linebreaker squadron and a three man biker squad. I took the despoil stratgem that would allow me to destroy an objective but I didn't get to use it before my bike squad was killed.
Here is another shot from my end of the table after the imperials have deployed. They abandoned my end of the table, deploying no units near the Plaguetowers. I spent the first turn shooting walls and dropping some plague mortar shots on some Black Templars in the tall building.

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Chuckaroobob said...

What is there to say except, "Too much is not enough?" Tuna's 40k of 40k games just keep getting bigger each time. It's kinda a shame he has to limit the superheavies, but I agree it was a good way to balance the firepower.