Friday, August 23, 2013

New Chaos Space Marine Units for 40k League

The 40k league has made the jump to 1250 points and I have completely reimagined my Chaos Space marine list. The Crypt Kickers Nurgle plague marines have gone back into reserve until we get to a higher point level. I have replaced the Nurgle Chaos Lord with paired lightning claws with Fabius Bile.

Fabius gives one unit fearless and a +1 strength so I am fielding a twenty strong chaos space marine unit with the mark of Khorne and an Icon of wrath. All these models are from my generic terracotta chaos marine army I built back in third edition. There are a mix of many different generations of Chaos space marine. Some oop metals like the two flamer armed models in front, some of the khorne berserkers, an oop metal icon bearer with a new khorne icon and a selection of third edition plastic chaos space marines. The purple model is a place holder for a champion with paired lightning claws I converted years ago and have to find.

Then are two Chaos space marine Havoc squads with four autocannons each. In my first four league games I only had the two obliterators with weapon that had a longer than 24 inch range. The front squad is some conversions I put together from parts in my bits box and the back squad id old third edition plastic chaos space marines armed with the autocannon from the old chaos heavy weapon sprue that had a conversion beamer, autocannon and missile launcher.

I plan to eventually paint the whole bunch up in Iron Warrior colors and add them to that army.



sonsoftaurus said...

Look forward to hearing how Bile's Bloody Butchers do! Be careful about shooting with them prior to charges - don't get stuck too far away by taking out the closer enemy!

ColKillgore said...

I fielded them tonight and they bagged three war walkers, an eldar ranger squad and a few warp spiders but was finished off by a lot of shooting and a wraithknight.

I will have a battle report up soon.