Monday, August 19, 2013

Battletech minis, don't sue me

Hi Kids, Still on a Robotech/Battletech kick.  I dug out 2/3 of my battletech collection.  I know, I know,  its hard to believe a compulsive purchaser like me has only 3 of an entire range of figs?  Especially considering 20 years ago the lads around here were playing the game nonstop, using mechs all day long.  Once they even did a 100 mech-per-side Battletech game.  I think they got about 1 & 1/2 turns finished before they keeled over from exhaustion.  I even worked in a local store that sold the Ral Partha line, and it was a pretty good seller, too.  So anyway, here they are; a Rifleman and a Griffin.  Come to think of it, its a minor miracle that these things are still together after all those years hiding in the basement.
Yes, I know the missile pack is on the wrong spot, but I always thought mounting a weapon on your shoulder blocked your line of sight too much.  Maybe this is the first use of that orange Mars camo.  Yeah, back then I didn't paint bases either.  So what the missing 1/3 of the "collection"?  There's a Marauder/Warhammer floating around someplace.  The one that looks like a Zentradi Officer's Pod.  Oh yeah, I also have a few of a Much Bigger range, I think it was from Dark Horse miniatures.  They are about twice as tall as these guys, same designs.  And I haven't found my Mekton or Spirit Warrior miniatures  (I think they were called "Mecha" from Seventh Street Games) in ages.  They had this funky Aztec warrior look to them.  They were cast is so many generic looking resin pieces I never put any of them together.  I may be crazy but there's a limit.

Stop the presses!  I actually managed to find (and repair) one of the Dark Horse larger scale figs, and here it is:
Yeah, we used to use some really funky camo schemes around here in the good ole days.  And yes, the torso still rotates.  I managed not to mess that up.  I have a Zentradi pod in this scale from these guys around here someplace, but it has about a million parts and using epoxy would take the rest of my natural life to build.  But you never know, a couple more Fighting Robot movies and we could be right into the thick of it.  I still think these things would be great in Stargrunt, or Dirtside.  And I still want to try out "Gruntz" and "Mecha Carnage".  Who among you has the courage and raw guts to fight it out?

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ColKillgore said...

All this talk about battle tech is getting me stirred up for that South Dakota Battletech grudge match. I need to break out my collection and take a few pictures. I am not exactly sure of how many mechs I have.