Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CryptKickers Deathguard Wip for 40k League

 I have a large Death Guard army I have painted up to use in large apocalypse sized battles. The majority of them are only painted to a table top standard. I have been wanting to paint more plague marines to a better standard and plan to use the 40k league to motivate myself.

The planned force ready for painting. Some need basing and some need priming but this is the force as it stands now. I am aiming for five squads of seven plague marines.

I only has four Icon bearers so I started making a fifth one. The Icon of Despair makes to unit cause Fear and I contemplated a banner horrifying enough to cause other to fear them. Nothing like a plague marine holding a banner with half of a live plague zombie hanging from it.

A closer look. I drilled out the hand and used a piece of brass rod to make the banner pole. I then took the hanging body from the old zombie box and cut off the head. I pinned on a more active head and added the arms. The top of the Icon is the horse head skull from the old skeleton box. I drill out the base of the standard top to go on the banner pole and pinned the rope from the hanging zombie into the bottom of the horse skull.

It still needs a little work but when I finish building it, I think it will look good once its painted.



Mordian7th said...

Good stuff! I really dig the new banner bearer!

ColKillgore said...


Nothing like carrying around half of a live plague zombie to shake up the opposition.

Chris said...

What's worse than being killed by a Plague Marine? Being killed by the Plague Marine's flag. Great conversion.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks Chris