Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oop Chaos Iron Warrior Havoc Missile Launcher squad

I have been list building for my Chaos space marine league army and thinking about using different units from my chaos collection. One thing about the league players is a bunch of flyers and I don't really have anything to go after them with. I have a plan to scratch build some Heldrakes but that is probably too long term to rely on for the current league. I do have some chaos missile launchers. Some people say the flakk missile upgrade is too expensive but that is what i have so they are going on the table.

This is the only Havoc missile launcher I have painted. I painted him up for my original Iron warriors army back in third edition 40k. My weapon of choice back then was the las cannon so only one missile launcher was added to the army.

A raid into my generic terracotta marines revealed this oop havoc missile launcher. For years my painting standard was three colors and a painted base. I have come to a different opinion now so I went back and removed all the mold lines I had left and replaced the poorly converted bolt pistol arm with a newer arm and better attached pistol.

I took another terracotta bolter armed model and removed the arms and head. I had a couple regular space marine missile launcher that i had won in an ebay auction. The auction was a bunch of poorly converted space marines, but they had a pile of Adeptus Mechanicus bits on them and I won them for a couple dollars. Once I received the models I broke them apart for the  bits. The missile launchers both had a big bead glued on the end and after breaking them off left the end messed up. Into the bits box they went until now. I leveled the end of the launcher and glued on a gargoyle head. It looked good so I did the second one.

The second Havoc missile launcher conversion. I built this one from different bits I had traded for over the years. I am not a big fan of the tasseled helmets but since the oop metal models both had them I went ahead and added the tasseled helmet heads to the new conversions so they will be similar.

The new Havoc missile launcher squad ready to get some primer. I will add one of my already painted Iron warrior champions when I put them on the table.



sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good! I like the conversions.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, The gargoyle heads are almost exaclty the same size as the missile launcher tubes.