Monday, September 30, 2013

Winston-Salem Airshow 2013 Part Two

Hi Kids, Too many pictures for just one post, lets get back to it!
 Soon to be transformed into the Pintang, an early 70's Mustang.  Looks like a '72 or '73, but I'm not an expert.  Feel free to correct me.
 A few folks brought some Mustangs....
 Call me crazy, but if I had a car I'd leave the hood down.  I just think cars look better with it closed.  Come to think of it, I do own some cars, and yes, generally the hoods are down.
 A 1969 Boss 302.  Of course, all true musclecar fans know a 4000lbs Mustang needs a bigger motor...  Like maybe a 427 side-oiler....  Yeah, plenty of room in there.  Bet you could still close the hood.

 Another warbird, a P-51 Mustang.  Not related to the Ford products.
 Was Obama there?  Looks like a T-34 with an Air Force One paint scheme.

 A display team of warbird trainers, T-6's.

 A close up of another T-6.
 Full acrobatic!
 Another shot of the L-39.
 One of the Swiss trainers had some nose art.
 Ag!  for Agriculture.  Its a cropduster, maybe the one from the recent movie.
 The B-25 was offering rides, too.  All aboard!
Now that's a T-34 Mentor trainer.
 And finally two factory built experimentals, both from Just Aircraft.  I think the black one is pretty cool.  Got the off-road tires!


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