Monday, September 23, 2013

White Scars Bike Command Squad Rogue Trader Style

I have been contemplating building the White Scars army I started collecting models for back in 2001. That was when US White Dwarf issue 256 had the Chapter Approved White Scars rules for the third edition Space Marine codex. With the release of the 6th edition Space Marine codex twelve years later the White Scars seem to be heading for a resurgence on the table top.

With the ability to mount a White Scars Command squad on bikes I thought about putting in some classic models from Rogue Trader days. I own a few of the MK II Black Shadow bikes and thought about using them.

First an Apothecary. One of my fondest Rogue Trader memories was by army buddy Becker's Apothecary on a bike dropping a Virus grenade in my buddy Will's Ork army and watching as it was almost wiped out from one side of the styrofoam fort to the other.

Next a Techmarine. He is missing his lower leg but I am sure I have it in the bits box and if not I can fix on a bionic one.

Last a Chaplain. If I use these for a command squad I will probably replace the Chaplain for a special weapon trooper. I really do need a few more of the old style MK II Bikes to field the squad but I have another option in my bits box.

I still have a half dozen or so of the old Imperial Jet bikes left after building my Praetorian Lancer rough rider squad awhile back. I have enough unbuilt Rogue Trader RTB01 to make riders for them so I might put the command squad on Jetbikes and that will let me use my newer bikes to field more or larger White Scar bike squads.



Mordian7th said...

Nice! I always like seeing old 1st/2nd ed models getting repurposed for the current edition. No school like the old school!

ColKillgore said...

One thing about fielding some of the older models is telling the person you are playing that the figures are older than them.


sonsoftaurus said...

Hells yeah!