Tuesday, September 24, 2013

League Round 10, Iron Warriors against Dark Eldar

I went over to Gaming Underground to play my round ten league game against Jim B's Dark Eldar. This would be our second match up for this league. I pulled the bye for Round 9 so no battle report for that one. We have gone up to 1500 points and I decided to hop on the band wagon and add two Heldrakes and a Daemon Prince with the Black mace to the army. My list was a Khorne Chaos lord on a juggernaut, Daemon prince of Nurgle with the Black mace, two helldrakes, four chaos spawn of Khorne, Chaos warrior squad with Icon of Vengence, Plasma Gun and Las cannon, Cultists with a flamer, two Nurgle Obliterators and a four autocannon Havoc squad. My plan was "Now for Something Different". The Khorne lord joins the spawn and runs for the enemy. The HelDrakes, Daemon Prince, Obliterators and cultists in reserve. The Chaos warrior squad and Havocs to dig in and hold the line. Maybe not the best plan but as good a place to start as any.

Jim's Dark eldar deploy in cover. He had three Ravagers, three raiders and four Venoms with many and varied occupants.

The Khorne lord and the Khorne Spawn in cover awaiting the venom cannon storm.

Iron warriors with the icon of Vengeance they are dug in on the 4 point objective.

The Iron Warrior Havoc squad with autocannons forward on another objective.

Here they come. Luckily the lead Raider immobilizes itself.

The Havoc squad is hit hard but the Champion never liked those guys anyway and stands his ground.

After taking shooting from two thirds of the Dark Eldar army the Khorne lord and Spawn still stand.

The Khorne lord charges up the middle and destroys the raider with a plasma pistol shot. Then assaults the occupants. The lord rolls well and throws eleven attacks and reaps the majority of the squad. The spawn finishes the rest.

The Spawn consolidates to make the Dark eldar move to get a straight shot at the Khorne Lord.

Top of turn two the Dark Eldar surround the Khorne lord but the red venom also immobilizes itself. That was one dangerous spot of ruins. They then unceremoniously gunned him down.

Bottom of turn two the Obliterators drop in and scatter eight inches. They still knock out the Barons raider.

The Daemon Prince of Nurgle arrives but decides that a good wall is what he needs to be standing behind. In hind sight if I field him after the next point jump I will give him at least one psyker level so he can have a little more utility.

Top of turn three, the Haemoculus and his wracks move toward the Iron warrior objective.

The Wyches are about to make a bad mistake, and charge the daemon prince.

The Obliterators are in a bad place.

A little bit later the Obliterators are done for.

Between venom cannons, blasters and liquifiers the chaos marine squad is decimated. The Champion makes hie roll and stays.

The Daemon Prince threw around ten attacks and used the black mace to blow one wych up killing several others. The wyches break and run but the Daemon catches the squad. He consolidates toward fresh targets.

Bottom of three, the Heldrakes arrive and the Daemon prince reaches his high tide mark. He rolls to assault the wracks and ends up with snake eyes. no assault.

Top of four, The Venoms swarm the center of the table.

The Lone champion watches the objective after only rolling a one for difficult terrain last turn.

Concentrated fire drop the daemon Prince on the base of the "Ghost" Heldrake. I had a couple of F-86d Sabre airplane models I planned to use but Jim suggested just using the bases.

Bottom of four, the Cultists finally arrive but only move three inches into the rubble.

Top of Five, the Haemoculus has entered the ruin.

A venom dares the difficult terrain to block the Iron warrior champ from the objective.

The Clockwork Heldrake ends up in a Ravager cross fire and get velocity locked.

One Cultist survive the shooting phase.

The Cultist makes the roll and stands. He didn't like the rest of those guys anyway, they weren't true followers of the dark gods like he was.

Bottom of turn five, The velocity locked Clockwork Heldrake stops an inch short of the board edge.

The Cultist move up to contest the objective, if the game ends.  We roll and it goes another turn..

Top of turn six, the hovering Ghost heldrake is caught in a ravager crossfire.

The Haemoculus move up stairs while the true born move in on the last cultist.

They hold their fire and charge in.

The Last Cultist dies on his feet. We roll again for the game to end and go for turn seven.

Top of turn seven, The Hovering Ghost Heldrake finally takes its last hit and is destroyed.

Bottom of turn seven, the Clockwork Heldrake makes its last hurrah and only kills a couple wracks.

The game ends and Jim takes the win. I can see why everyone complains about the Heldrakes. It gave me a better chance, maybe next game. The Daemon Prince with a black mace is just bad news. Another league player talked about a large tournament he recently played in. He said that every chaos army had either a Daemon Prince with Black mace or a Nurgle biker lord and I can see why. The Khorne lord almost survived the final turn of fire and if I would have left that fifth spawn I dropped to use the points elsewhere who knows what else he might have finished off. I already said next time the league points go up, I will probably add a psyker level or two to the Nurgle Daemon Prince to add more utility.

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sonsoftaurus said...

JBow's got a lot of firepower, it is hard to stand up to it for long.

I wonder if a comms relay might help for the next jump - two groups of oblits, DP, two drakes all arriving mostly turn 2 could help overwhelm enemy response.

ColKillgore said...

I have already started planning my next roster. I think I will probably drop the khorne lord and just have the deamon prince as my warlord. that frees up a lot of points for something else.