Friday, September 13, 2013

Check Your Six with the Catawba Gamers: Yamamoto in the Crosshairs

Hi Kids,  Just for kicks a few of us decided to go off the rails and have some fun on a Wednesday afternoon.  We scheduled some PTO or just disappeared from work at noon and headed on over to Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne for some post-work mayhem!  To really get blood in the water fast nothing beats an aviation game: easy to transport, a snap to set-up, and you can be blasting the Huns out of the sun in no time at all!  One of the lads volunteered to set up a game of Check Your Six of the Yamamoto interception.  Here we have the two Bettys carrying The Admiral and his sidekick.  All the planes are 1:144.
 Half of the escort of six Zeros.

 Two of the 4 P-38's.
 The other two P-38's.
 Starting set-up.  As per usual, the Japanese escorts are behind the bombers.  They did that all through the war, not sure why.
 The four P-38's sweep in towards the Bettys, which have no defense fire since the gunners were replaced with passengers.
 No, the green Betty has not engaged its cloaking device, its turned itself into a submarine with the help of a couple pounds of 50 caliber lead.  The Zeros arrive to voice their displeasure.  No, no strongly worded memo from the UN for these guys!
 The trailing three Zeros (they're the ones stylish banked right) finally manage to catch up with the fight, the P-38's set up a turn to pursuit the remaining Betty.
 It's time for some Split-S's as the Zeros show up their amazing maneuverability.
 The P-38's get mobbed by swarms of Zeros, some of which run out of cannon ammo.  One silver P-38 has already been shot down by this time.
As Yamamoto's plane disappears over the horizon the Zeros continue to swarm the few surviving P-38's.  The game master had decided before the game which Betty was Yamamoto's, and he happened to escape.  Since he survived, it was rung up as a Japanese victory!  Banzai!!!!

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ColKillgore said...

That looked like a fun game.