Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old School Citadel Beastmen

I recently picked up some more of the old school Citadel beastmen from the '80's. I cleaned them up and started basing them. They didn't come with shields and several of them had bosses on their arms, so I raided my dwindling stock of old school plastic chaos shields to make them complete. All of them are in the 1989 Citadel Catalogue part two on the Beastman page. They were all designed by Jes Godwin.

Here is a copy of the page from the The Stuff of Legends Website and a link to the chaos beastman page from the 1989 catalog.

first is the Goat headed beastman, number 022010.

Second is the two headed beastman with a snake arm, number 022004

Khorne horned beastman, number 022005

two of the flesh hound headed beastmen, number 022024

A group shot before they headed to the primer. I will probably get these painted up soon so I can add them to the other classic beastmen from my early days in the hobby.

Last is a mystery beastman I picked up in a bits box lot several years ago. I have tried identifying the model for years but to no avail. I even had my doubts that it was a Citadel model until I broke it off of its base and found games workshop on its slota base. The model has been converted with the axe replacing its original weapon. While looking for the others, I discovered the original model for this one is a slaaneshi beastman, number 022013. The model has been heavily converted. The upper half of the slaanesh symbol horns were cut off and the remaining horns repositioned and filed down. The Slaanesh symbols on its chest and belt were shaved off. The shield boss was cut off of the wrist and the sword was cut off and replaced with the axe.
I bought it painted and it has stood on my painting table for quite a while. Now that I have rebased it, I will touch up the paint and add it to the ranks of my growing beastman horde.



Chris said...

Even though the old stuff like this is before my time in the hobby, I love these minis immensely. The older stuff seems more individual and has some of the style of the designer in it. The new stuff is often "better" but seems to lack that little bit of spirit imparted by hand sculpting and early enthusiasm.

Jason Fulford said...

working on these myself, classic miniatures real good fun to paint.
Can't wait to see the finished miniatures

ColKillgore said...

I need to write up a post about the other old school beastmen I bought back in the day, that are still taking the fight to the enemy, twenty five years later.