Monday, March 25, 2013

New Gorger for the Ogres

I have once again been bottom feeding on ebay and picked up a third Gorger for my Ogre Kingdom army.

I didn't want one of the finecast versions so I have been bidding on metal Gorgers for several months. I finally won one for ten dollars including shipping. It arrived broken and very badly assembled, with much of the flash and mold lines left on the model. I broke it the rest of the way apart and spent an hour or so cleaning off the old caked on glue, then removing the flash and mold lines. I pinned it all back together and then used a bit of greenstuff to blend all the parts back together.
I already had two gorgers but with the new army book making them a special choice, I wanted a third one. Some have argued there are better units to spend the points on but I dig Gorgers and that is that. The threat of ambushing Gorgers will move those gunlines a little further toward the middle and make it easier for my ogres to get into close combat.


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Chuckaroobob said...

Finecast? Satan's miniature medium.
Gunlines? Never heard of 'em.
Mo' Gorger's? Mo' better!