Monday, April 1, 2013

Nappie's Battles at Catawba Gamers

 Hi Kids, Got a brief battle report from this month's historical game.  This time one of the lads had volunteered to run a 1/72 scale Waterloo using Nappie's Battles rules.  Here we have the battlefield seen from the east, the French are to the left and the Brits are on the right.  Brian deserves a big "Hell Yeah!" for singlehandedly painting all the forces present!  We all live in your shadow Brian!
 The view from behind the British left flank.
 The French take the bit between their collective teeth and surge forward!  Nappie's Battles makes this pretty easy to do as infantry moves 12 inches and musket range is only 3 or 4 inches.
The British fine tune their deployment on the hills.

 Hougemont pointed out for the fans!  The Blue Tide pushes north!
 The French assault columns hit a single unit of British infantry, realizing too late that the formation that conquered mainland Europe is a SHATTERING disadvantage verses the British.  The single British unit routs all three attacking French units.  Nappie is doing 360's in his grave at the sight!
 The French right flank commander gets the party started with a huge uphill attack!  By miraculous dice rolls he manages to rout one Brit unit at the cost of having three of his own rout.
 The French grand battery moves up the center, blasting the hapless Brits into atoms!  The right flank French guns join in!  La Haye Saint is nearly leveled by the shock waves alone.
 Over on the French left they're still trying to do in the original British defending line, apparently there are not enough French cannon to do the heavy lifting here.
 The British cav, bored with watching the French right muddle about with crap rolls, moves towards the French cav.
The French cannon line up facing the British squares, mayhem ensues!  I know, I know, every time the French think there's going to be a breakthrough somehow there are always more British moving into supporting positions!  Makes a guy wonder if all the figs were laying down on the reverse slopes or something!
At this point we had to call the game due to time, the French victory condition was destroy 23 British units in 12 turns.  We played 7 turns and had destroyed about 13 units, so it still could've gone either way.

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