Monday, April 15, 2013

Oop Grave Guard unit finished

I started these back in October 2011, Oop Vampire Count Grave Guard. I was side tracked and they were left on the side of the painting table three quarters of the way finished.

The unit mostly finished, just waiting for some highlights and some shields.

Shields added and a few more highlights added. The shield have been primed black and given a couple washes of scorched brown for a base coat.

 The Oop Grave Guard standard bearer. I want to free hand a design on the banner but I haven't picked one I like.

The Oop Grave guard champion. He has a shield like the rest of the halberdiers with a Imperial Purple base coat.

Oop Grave guard Musician. The reds have a subtle highlight that the camera doesn't pick up. I just need to build that light box set up so I get a better level of photo. The command models are actually from a later release than the Halberdiers but still blend in well with them.

The first two poses of the Oop Grave guard halberdiers.

The second two poses of the Oop Grave Guard halberdiers. I have just base coated the shields. I plan to come back with a design once I decide which one I want to use.

Finally the unit ready for the table. My plan is to use the Skeleton Grim Reapers I converted as back rank troops so I can have a 35 model strong unit of Grave Guard with great weapons.



DeanM said...

Very nice troops - my buddy has a Vampire Count army - but his army uses greens overall - except for the bats which are brownish-gray. I like this color scheme better. Best, Dean

ColKillgore said...

I have been using purple shields to tie the units in my collection together. This the first undead unit I have done in red. I have an armored vampire I am finishing that has a red base color. He will probably end up leading this unit.


Chris said...

These were always some of my favorite minis for Undead, you've done a really nice job on them.

Whitesun said...

In the last photo, was the movement tray constructed, or purchased? Looks great, and seems to have a deeper edge.

ColKillgore said...

@Chris, Thanks,

@ Whitesun, The movement tray is a plastic one that used to come in some Games workshop regiment boxes. It fits 100mm x100mm, or twenty 20mm based models. I primed them black, then a coat of burnt umber and then painted the edges goblin green.