Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art from the Chuckster

 Hi Kids,  Figured I'd let the masses out there see that the Chuckster isn't just some troglodyte lurking in the Basement all the time.  He also has an artsy-fartsy side.  It doesn't show much, so every once and awhile ya gotta fly your freak flag.  Most art leaves me cold, its only exceptional images that catch my eye, such as Star Trek Motivational Posters for example.  I only have a few pictures, and here they are:  First off is "The Animal," a picture of an F-4 Phantom II from Vietnam.  It is pictured at tree-top level, on this mission it came back to base with palm leaves and impact damage.  Yes, this was an actual event, although I doubt the artist was nearby at the time.  Look close at the left of the picture and you can see the palm tree disintegrating from the impact with the wingtip.

Second is a little chunk of Africa I brought back from a trip to Tanzania 10+ years ago.  It is a bateik (bateke? batteek? aw who knows?) of some African Wild Dogs chasing a Zebra.  The Wild Dog has the highest success ratio of the African predators, supposedly about 90% of animals they chase loose the race.  Possibly due to the dogs taking turns chasing them to the point of exhaustion.  Goes to show dogs are much smarter than cats.  But we all know that anyway.  No title except the lady called it "Wild Dogs" at the store in Arusha (I think?).  Wanted to buy a 3 foot tall wooden Elephant carving too but I couldn't get it in my suitcase.
Here we have "The Animal" again, I was trying like mad to get a decent picture since the flash and lighting conditions were conspiring against me.  Its a good thing I used a digital camera and could delete the 35 pictures that looked worse than these.


Chris said...

Both of those are things I wouldn't mind looking at, but in the words of Jack Donaghy "Art is paintings of horses!"

ColKillgore said...

I thought Art was the short order cook down at the greasy spoon, but I digress.

Both are great pieces but"The Animal" evokes more of a responce for me than "Wild Dogs".