Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cretan Archers from Wargames Factory Numidians

I finally finished building my unit of Cretan archers from Wargames Factory Numidian plastics. My plan is to use them as skirmishers for my Achaemenid Persian army to face off against the Macedonians.

The command models are mostly standard Numidians with helmets and Persian Infantry bows on their backs. The Numidian box came with fourteen bows but i wanted to have twenty models in the unit so I used the Persian bow quivers to make sure every models had one.

Three Cretans with their bows stowed and ready for the charge.

A close up of the standard Numidian archer with a sheathed sword, arrow quiver and shield on their backs.

The full unit based and ready for primer.



Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Looking great! Nice use of the Wargames Factory Miniatures.

Piotr Henryk Nowacki said...

Very nice! The guys with shields on their back look really cool, can't wait to see those painted up!

You might want to also keep an eye on a new company called 'Agema miniatures' who are about to release plastic velites, these could serve well as javelin skirmishers

Chris said...

Those look good. I've been thinking about getting more minis from Wargames Factory. I really like their Vikings, don't have a use for them, but that's never stopped me before.

ColKillgore said...

@ Piotr, thanks for the info about Agema minis. My plan is to use the javelin bits from the wargames factory Numidian box on Persian infantry for my javelin armed models.

I have them primed and hope to get them painted in short order.

Thanks for taking a look and the kind words.