Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oop Armored Blood Dragon Vampire on Foot finished

I really dig the Lahmians but rolling into combat with no armor and relying on some Black armbands of gold to save you isn't really a winning plan. It can be thrilling but not the Evil Mistress of Probability will make you pay for your Hubris.        Enter the Armored Blood Dragon on foot.

I have had this model for a long time and I accidentally broke it in half while trying to adjust the pose. He was repaired and finally finished. I plan to have him lead the unit of Grave Guard tooled out to slaughter. I contemplated painting the skulls like antiqued bone but instead went with a gold final highlight.

The posterior view. After getting the gild base where I liked it I went back with a chainmail and mithrl silver light dry brush to bring out the edges of the armor.

More Vampire Counts in the painting pipeline, if I keep this Up I might have to break down and buy the current Armybook.



DeanM said...

Nice painting on a nice figure; the repair work is unnoticeable. Best, Dean

ColKillgore said...

Thanks Dean. The local game store is starting to get some fantasy gaming going and I wanted my vampire lord to have more protection than a gown.