Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wip Blood Dragon Vampires on Foot

I really like the Lahmian Vampires but I wanted a bit more armor on some vampire models. I picked up a couple Blood Dragon armored vampires on foot to add the the army. They have set in a box since probably around 2005 but no more.

I took the first Blood Dragon out of the blister and while trying to bend it so is stood straighter I broke it in half. Oops O. So a little drilling, a pin and some greenstuff to the rescue.

The second Blood Dragon. This one was actually already primed but i had to go back and use a brush to get all the fuzz of of it. He came with a shield but I have swapped it out for a old style coffin shaped shield

The repaired Blood Dragon and his buddy ready for primer.

After a black prime and a bolt gun metal drybrush, I went over the red one with a red ink wash. While the second I painted the tabbard a dark blue.

A little closer to finished, I touched up the bases and a put a base flesh tone using Iraquian sand. The golden one had a bronze dry brush followed by a burnished gold dry brush.

I still have a way to go



sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good so far!

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I want to get them finished over the holiday.