Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chuckaroobob's Old School Miniatures

Chuckaroobob came over to the Casa De Killgore for some old school Warhammer fantasy battle. One of the fun things about gaming with Chuckaroo is when he delves into the Basement of Heaped Miniatures and rolls out a pile of classic figures.

First is a blast from the past, some Undead Carrion. Five are the original citadel carrions but the skeleton is a Grenadier skeleton pterodactyl rider. I am planning to use these in my Undead army if we play the third edition game on 15Dec12 at the GameOnGw Gamesday at Gaming Underground in High point NC.

 A line up of Chuckaroo's usual suspects that form the heros of his Chaos Army. From left to right is a Fenryll Bison headed Minotaur, A confrontation Minotaur, a Citadel Samurai on a Temple dog, another Fenryll minotaur and last Kaleb Daark follower of the chaos god Malal.

A close up of the classic citadel Samurai on a Temple Dog.

A close up of the Citadel mounted Kaleb Daark the only follower of the chaos god Malal.

A close up of the Bison headed Fenryll minotaur, later he becomes the lynch pin of the third edition fantasy battle game Chuckaroo and I would play.

A Grenadier dinosaur rider that doubles as a dark elf and Chaos battle standard bearer.

This one is actually mine, a unit of Beast men that range from the old Citadel beast men to the fifth edition plastic beast men and even a couple of the Mordheim beast men. The leader is a Citadel chaos warrior with a bestial head but I use him as a beast man shaman.

A unit of Chronopia First Born Knights that Chuckaroo fielded as mounted Chaos thugs.

Another unique figure is this Jeff Valiant Studios armored Chicken rider. I am not sure that is its actual name but apparently that is the only thing Chuckaroo has heard it called.

Last is another Grenadier Lizardman champion.

Thanks for looking, check back later to see most of them in action.



Impcommander said...

Those were all really cool looking, especially the Samurai on Temple dog.

Powerposey said...

I always like to see what Chuck brings out from the dark corners of his closets.

A Khaleb Daark model!!! I am so jealous. I looked for one for years, as I had the two Chaos Brothers (Jaek and Hellwood) but have since been lost to warp.

I had a few of the old carrion models as well that I bought in 80's. It is always good to see old models getting some playtime. Our toys are meant to be played with.

ColKillgore said...

Whenever Chuckaroo breaks out the old school figures it is a trip down memory lane.


Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, Yeah, every once and awhile I feel the urge to dig out the old lads and let 'em out into the sunlight. I think it's been about 3 editions since these guys hit the table, although I'm not really sure. Jaek and Hellwood? I remember them but I don't think I've ever seen them in the flesh/lead. The Chicken Rider is so old it's painted with Testors Enamels, the only paints I knew about at the time. They might chip but never fade! C'ya, Charles

Richard Fortuna said...

I recognize those cows...