Monday, December 31, 2012

Storm brews in Chihuahua,

I finally happened, we played a game of Disposable heroes set in the 1912 Mexican Revolution. The scenario may be a bit a-historic but it is close enough to get our game on. During the American Intervention in Mexico, a section of US army troops are attempting to control a series of Mexican villages along a main road, while the Mexican Villistas are attempting to stop them.
We used the Harkas Y Arma Blancas, Warfare in the Rif, 1921 -1927, Disposable Heroes supplement for the game. The Mexican infantry were based on the Harka Irregular Riffian Platoon, with Miya support field guns. The Mexican cavalry was based on the Arab Harkas cavalry but wasn't subject to the disbanding rule.
The US army troops were based on the French Foreign legion list, minus light machine guns and grenade launchers and supported by field guns and heavy machine guns.
As another objective each side was given a pack mule supply train to defend.

The forces of the Revolution. Some of you may remember these from our past games as Chinese warlord troops but you were mistaken, these are actually Mexican Federales rallied to defend their homeland. They are supported by three field guns and a heavy machine gun. These are all Copplestone Chinese warlord troops but pass well as Mexican troops too.

Next is the Villista Infantry and the dreaded Dorado cavalry, Villa's most effective striking force. i believe these are all Tiger Miniatures Spanish/Cuban Rebels from their Spanish American war range.

The US army troops form up before they push onto the other villages. The models in blue are Tiger Miniatures American figures from their Spanish American war range, while the Khaki figures are from the Old Glory Pershing in Mexico range.

The Federales guard the Mexican pack mules.

An over view of the battle field. There are four villages along the road. The objective is to capture and hold the most villages while defending your pack train and destroying the enemy pack train.

The Us army scrambles up into the rocky heights over looking the valley, manhandling their guns into position.

American fire bowls over several Villistas as they advance toward the center village.

As the Dorados head for the flank, American cannon shells harmlessly explode beside them.

The Dorados turn and head over the hill toward the Americans.

Four squads of American Infantry head toward the furthermost village.

A group of American infantry debate breaking out of cover.

The Villistas enter forest and a fire on the Americans.

The Dorados come off of the hill and enter the forest.

The out numbered Federales make a stand against as the American gain the top of the hill.

The Mexican guns return fire in the artillery duel.

Direct hit against an American Heavy machine gun, killing two crew but leaving the gunner firing.

After losing his two runners, the Federale Lieutenant join the squad guarding the pack mules.

The bodies of brave Villistas litter the battle field,

mostly caused by the American guns dug into the rocky hill top.

The Dorados make a last charge but are pinned by defensive fire before they can close.

The Mexican forces are forced to retreat because of high casualties, The American move in and sever the road supply line.

It was a fun game. The best part is me being able to finally use my Chinese models as Mexicans for the first time. The forces had about the same number of models but the low guts of the Mexican rifle squads left them with more pinned troops and that cascaded into them losing the initiative almost every round. The American getting several artillery hit and killing half a squad of Villistas at a go didn't hurt them either.

I had a great time and look forward to the next game.


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