Friday, December 7, 2012

Oop Lahmian Vampire in Green

I finished painting up my first Lahmian vampire. She first appeared on the blog here , base coated, but no more. I have had this model for a long time and I am so happy to have finally finished it.

When I started thinking about painting the model I thought I would paint a opaque color dress. I did a image searching and found several quite startling models with translucent dresses and the decision was made.  After researching painting translucent clothing I set to work. The model started with a dark green base coat and I worked it to a final pale olive color. I used about a dozen different colors to layer everything to finished.

The backside of the model showing the details on the serpent knife and the pearls on the sleeves.

Another close up. The funny part is it only took me about four hours from base coated to finished. I have another one of the same model but it is base coated blue. I should have a post about it up by Monday.

Thanks for looking

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