Monday, October 22, 2012

Vampire Ladies of the Night and more

Vampire Counts October is speeding along. I have pulled out some of my old Lahmian Vampire ladies and some other odds and ends to finish painting.

The Ladies of the Night. My collection of Lahmian vampires. The last time I really played the Vampire Counts, my army was lead by Lady Etelka, a Lahmian Vampress riding a Winged Nightmare. She lead my army to the semi finals of the 2006 GameOnGw fantasy league armed only with some wrist bands of black gold and a sword of might.

Neferata, Night Queen, Queen of Lahmia, First of the vampires. This is a model from sixth edition I believe but I don't think she has any rules in the current Vampire Counts army book.

A few more Armored Skeletons to add to a unit.

A Doom Wolf, I picked up in a trade. It was mixed in with some chaos hounds but I stripped it down and repainted it to match my dire wolves. A few more highlights and a some work on the base and it should be good to go.


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