Monday, October 8, 2012

Get The Girl warband progress

I have been working on my war band for the Get The Girl, Kill the Baddies war game by Andy Hoare. I didn't really maximize the potential of the party and just picked out some figures I already had in my collection.

From the left is a wizards of the coast female barbarian, then a old talisman barbarian, center back is a mordheim kislev ranger, the priestess and axe woman are both celtos figures. My secret strategy is to take advantage of the chain mail bikini and impressive loin cloth rules from the game.

I am still working on a good back story for the group but I am leaning toward The priestess leading the group on a journey only she knows the goal of. The axe woman is her defender and confidant, with the barbarians hired for muscle and the ranger for field craft skills. It is a start anyway.

I will post up some better pictures when I get them past a base coat.



Andy said...

Awesome :-)

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I have a lot more to do to finish them.