Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vampire Counts Fell Bats finished

Vampire Counts October has another success. I finally finished up my group of Fell Bats. I bought them back in 2005 and they formed a central part of my 2006 GameOnGw Fantasy league army. They have since either set in a box or been pushed back on the painting table. I believe my original plan was to paint them with flesh colored wings and that held up the process. I decided I wanted them painted and in the display case with the rest of the army, so I came up with a brand new plan. So, some touch ups, several dry brushes, a couple washes and some detailing and highlights and they are ready for the table.

Most of the details were to the heads and fangs. When I first built them I was frustrated with the original plastic fight stands, so I replaced them all with a piece of brass rod and some green stuff to hold it in place. Then filled the hole in the belly and re-sculpted the detail to hide the gap.

Another shot of the spikes on the back of another.

I like to call this one "Toothy"

A group shot of all eight. I fielded two units of three back in 2006 and had a couple extra. I paid nine dollars for a blister of two fell bats back in 2005 but I noticed the other day, that it now costs $49.50 for a box of three fine cast Fell Bats. If  I didn't already have a start on an army I doubt I could afford to even start any army now.



Impcommander said...

wow. those are rocking. I get what you mean, i fail to see how the current cost is going to attract any new players. I mean i get they are some of the nicest minis on the market, but at such an extreme price differential from everyone else they damn well better be!

ColKillgore said...

Games Workshop has some snazzy models but the price point is putting the models out of my budget. The bad part is to get eight Fell bats now will run almost $150 for what is at best a mediocre unit. I would start playing some games with the Vampire Counts but I don't want to spend the $45 for an army book that is going to be out of date in a few years. I am thinking about getting some more ghouls and zombies but I will probably go to either Wargames factory or Mantic games for these.