Monday, October 15, 2012

Southern Front 2012, After Action Report

 Hi Kids, Yesiree, its been another con weekend here in beautiful North Carolina!  Triangle Simulation Society's flagship con Southern Front attracted about 120 people, all hardcore gamers of course.  Here's a bunch of shots from the world famous (just check out Lead Adventure Forum for the details) Robotech/Macross game.  Using 1/200 plastic kits from assorted manufacturers, the robot combat was fast and furious!  Zentradi Battle Pods above, and...
 UN Spacy Destroids.....
Zentradi Fighter planes....
 UN Spacy Guardians swooping to the attack....
 Zentradi Battle Pods of assorted makes and models....
 Carnage and Glory hounds rejoice, here we have 40mm action from the American War of Independence.  It was run by the world famous Dr. Bob of CLT and his minion.
Two shots of a 40mm French & Indian battles.

 God help us all, the Martians and a bunch of other wierdo's are closing in on Mayberry RFD!  Fox Mulder got shot right away on turn 1.  Bummer!
 The world famous Tom from SC ran a fistful of games, including this Starship Troopers action.
 The jump troopers close in.  Might not be a wise move.
 The 15mm Assault on the ex-Pont-du-Hoc artillery!  Run by the world famous Jerry of CLT.
 15mm WW1 Trench Fight!  Johnny the Wop goes over the top!

The world famous Ol of RDU needed "5" to hit, here's a roll which had everyone happy.  Except maybe the target.
 1/1200 Fighting Sail.
 More developments during the C&G 40mm game.
 and the 40mm F&IW game....

  Holy Cow! Who let these guys in here? Here we have a shot of a board wargame, it's "Last Chance for Victory," the Battle of Gettysburg! I still play this type of game occasionally, last time was AH's "Jutland." Man, that's a cool game! MORE BIG GUNS!
  The National Guard is closing in on the Greys in Mayberry.
 There goes the neighborhood, from the devestation I'd have to say WW2 in 15mm.  I'd bet on "Fireball Forward" by the world famous Jerry from CLT.
A really groovy 10mm American Civil War game.  SMG minis, avaliable at the show!
 A couple shots of another 40mm F&IW game, these figs are AWESOME!!!  "Ask Death for speed, for only I remain....  Last of the Mohicans."

 Another fleet shot of the 1/1200 navies duking it out.
 25mm ACW action, the dirty Yanks are coming over the hill.

 25mm Crusades, fighting it out in downtown Arabia.

 A 25mm Mexican-American War (1848) game by the world faous Chris of Sash & Sabre minis, available at the show!  And he offered a discount!  WoooooHooooooo!  A bunch of my nappies are S&S, they're great figs!  And even the 40mm stuff is affordable at $2 per guy.  In this shot the Americans are approaching the Convent of  Chumbarri (or something like that).
 Two shots of the action outside the convent.

 More bugs, less better.  The dudes from Raid are having multiple heart attacks.  Those whose hearts
haven't been forcibly removed, that is!

 The Yanks push their way into the Convent, Forward with the Bayonet!!!!!
 The long view of Mexico.
 A couple shots of the Flames of War tournament. 

One HardCore Dude earned everyone's respect by bringing Italians to the FOW tournament!  I betcha he's World Famous!
 Anyone who can go to war in L6's and CR42's has got to be tough!
 Fait accompli in Mexico!  The convent falls!
 Another big Fighting Sail engagement.
 Two shots of the final moments of some Starship Troopers, giving the bugs everything they've got!
 Yep, its the world famous Ol of RDU gunning down buckets of bugs.
 25mm ACW action.
 I think this is a 15mm game of Falkirk in the Age of Reason.
 Ya can't have a con without Gnome Wars!  The Sikh gnomes are rampaging through downtown!
 Jumbo, the nuclear option!
Sikh infantry backing up Jumbo, just don't get too close.
 1/285 action in the Sinai, Egyptians trying to break through the Mitla Pass to get out of Dodge before the Israeli gatekeepers lower the boom.  1967 was a tough year for the Arabs.  This game was even tougher.

 Super Shermans, the sexiest tank EVER!  And why not stick a 75mm or a 105mm gun on a tank?
 1/72 Romans duking it out for the ancients.
 25mm Disposable Heroes!  I love Disposable Heroes!  Call Iron Ivan and buy a copy! Do it now!
 A really blurry shot of a styrofoam hex tank game.  It looks like 1/285, but I'm not 100% sure.
 25mm Pulp, the world famous Bruce put on this one Saturday night. Cops, robbers, explorers, Nazis, time travellers, Chinese warlords, I think the Maytag Repairman showed up too.
 More of the same.
 Moi, aka Easter Island head statues.  Gotta love 'em!
 The normal guys playing the Gettysburg boardgame.  What, no 5 years of painting?
 25mm ACW, the Southern Fried Troops closing in, pretending not to notice the walls of Federal Cannons a few inches away.

 40mm Nappies, "The Happy Rearguard," put on by Mike.  Oh wait, I mean the world famous Mike.
 More Pulp action, the Chuckster's Americans sail up the Blood River looking for trouble.
 Horse & Musket with Olde Style semi-flats.  Talk about Olde School.....

 25mm "Bolt Action" game put on by the world famous Dave.  He's even been published!

 A buncha shots of a 25mm Sudan game, put on by the world famous Pete, who just won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Wonder if the Nobel lads knew about all this warmongering?

 A less fuzzy shot of the hex miniature game.
 The Cultists, universal badguys during the Pulp game.
 Nazis close in on one of the laser guns.

 Ramming speed!
 Evil hunchmen abound!  Mad scientists flipping switches!
The Evil Hideout!
 Two Chinese agents gun down the Nazi headman!  Yeah, it was me!  I did it!  And I hope I got your Mama!
 15mm Chariot racing in the Great Circus!
 Storming the entrenchments with semi-flats!
 Massively modified "Battlefield Evolution" using WW2 25mm figs!
 Ruins!  Sheep!  Maybe its Greece!
 Hmmm....  Sherman tanks.  Probably not.
 Fast and Furious action in the Circus!  I know you won't believe it, but more than one chariot survived the race!!!!
And one final picture of AH's "The Longest Day" played by the world famous Yadkin County Hardcore Lightweight Gamers.  It's 16 June and the Allied Forces have pushed off the beaches quite a ways.

Wow, I'm exhausted.


Chris said...

Awesome bunch of games, I'll have to try and make it out one of these years.

sonsoftaurus said...

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!