Friday, October 19, 2012

Ogre Miniatures Pictures / Kickstarter Rant

 Hi Kids, With all the brouhaha going on with the latest Kickstarter edition of Ogre, I figured it was a perfect time to drag the lads out of storage and get some shots onto the net, just to show that too much is never enough.  And yes, I have about this many not painted yet. I don't call it "The Basement of Heaped Miniatures" for nuthin.  I didn't count the unpainted ones, but they come to about 5lbs (I'm guessing).  After all, only posers count unpainted minis!!!!!!  I could fly into a rage and spout off regarding the latest Kickstarter news; a 5 month delay while Steve has our $923,000.00 (using such amazingly weak excuses as "The box is really big!"  Has no one at SJG ever bought a TV? They come in big boxes. Cardboard is not cutting edge technology.), but I've decided to rise above all that. Well, maybe just a sucker punch every now and then......
 Here we have the only two Ogres I've painted for myself, Ol has the other two dozen.  Eagle eyed viewers might notice the MkV has 6 primaries and 2 secondaries.  No, this was not some custom design Ogre, it's just built with the original parts from the package, the first one I ever did. I guess the packer was hitting crack that day.  It's a 20 yr old Ral Partha.  Of course, if you believe in WYSIWYG, this thing is a Combat Monster!  I mean, DAMN. SIX MAIN GUNS!!!!!
A pile of GEV's, including some substitutes. I never liked the light GEV design, so used Battletech Savanahmasters instead.  Of course, they're from Ral Partha too, so I could argue they are authentic. Or official. Or something.  Yes, those are shark mouths painted on them.  I saw a picture of someone else's paint jobs that way and copied it cause it looks sooooo cool.

 Here we have some Heavy and Missile tanks.  The ones in back were painted 20+ years ago, back when I wanted to be able to tell different platoons apart, hence the various camo schemes. Repaint? Maybe in the next life.  Too much unpainted stuff to RE-paint anything.
 What's that in the back row?  It's some kind of mobile howitzer some some other manufacturer.  Too old to remember.  Stan Johansen maybe?
 An assortment of Combine vehicles.  I gotta admit, I really dig the Pan-Euro designs a LOT more than the Combine ones.  Maybe that's why I own twice as many..... Although you can definitely tell I like some designs better than others.  20+ heavy tanks, 3 light tanks, for example.  Ewwwwww.....  And yes, that triple grey and black camo is the same as my Imperial Army tanks; Leman Russ etc etc.  Find something you like and stick with it!
 Yes, yes, those multischeme vehicles ruin the Soviet-Juggernaut effect.  Bummer!  You know, it'd only take a minute to repaint 'em....
 Mobile howitzers a go-go!  Yes, I do have some emplaced guns someplace.  Still looking.....
 A pile of GEV's, one of my favorite designs!  Maybe we should start a petition to go back to the original 4/4 movement rates!  Play balance? What's that?  And while we're on the topic of GEV's, maybe I should take this opportunity to point out I also have 10 GEV's from SJG Macrotures in 1/60 scale.  Why oh why did Steve start a new "line" with only one vehicle and then have the gall to discontinue it due to poor sales?  Steve, buddy, c'mon.  It's one stinking vehicle. What did you expect?  At the Absolute Bone Jaring Minimun you should have made the rest of the Big Three: MSL tank and Heavy tank.  You are killing me here!  But then again, as King of the Proxies, I went to Kryomek USA and bought enough Heavy Tanks, Assault Guns, MSL tanks & APC's to make up for Steve's screw up. IIRC it came to about $750.00.  Kryomek says "Thanks Steve!"
 Proxy attack!  Here we have a fistful of other manufacturers.  Down in front are the Chieftain Mk5's which are GHQ 1/285 minis, I use them as archaic armor.  Ya gotta have Chieftains, its the sexiest tank ever!  The big lads are Battletech Dominators (or something like that). A much cooler design than the SJG Superheavy!  In back are 5 Stan Johansen Heavy tanks and 4 GHQ Sturmtigers.  Just bought a few to use as archaic assault guns.
Here's the whole pile in one big happy group.  Right now the count stands at Combine 57, Pan-euro 85, and assorted wierdness 29. Or maybe that's backwards? Oh well.  In closing I'd like to point out I've been playing Ogre for something like 25 years, having bought the 2nd ed from Metagaming for $2.95 way on back. I've brought that game with me all around the world.  Literally.  Right now I probably have 10 or 15 different versions; everything from 1st ed (GEV 4/4 movement WoooHoooo!), Delux, Diceland, GEV, GURPS, Miniatures, Macrotures, Shockwave, Battlefields, etc etc. I've used Squad Leader maps for more variety. Yeah, got Metagaming's Helltank and Helltank Destroyer too (both great games!). Even bought a Bauhaus Grizzly to proxy a 1/60 scale Ogre.  (It was the closest thing I could find.)  "Why stop now?" I figured and went ahead and ordered a Kickstarter edition too.  Whether I actually receive that one still remains to be seen.  I'm still more than a little aghast that Steve had the Audacity (yes, it should be capitalized) to charge $100 for the latest edition, but what the hell.  In for a penny in for a pound. Got the T-shirt on order too.  Soooooooooo,  Steve, you hear me?  Don't release 35 Munchkin supplements while you're "working hard" to get the Kickstarter Ogre game out! You've had the $923,000.00 cash since May 2012!  The clock is ticking! Help a brother out!

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That's a lot of OGRE metal!

Thanks again for making me feel a lot better about the relatively small amount I've spent on miniatures! If you ever want to buy, say, Tahiti, I think the BoHM would go a long way to getting the deed.