Monday, October 29, 2012

Victoria Jacobs, Cowgirl

The great painting table clean up has produced another finished model. I originally picked this model up when I was running a Steampunk Gurps campaign and needed a few more well armed women models to use. I have already painted the Ellen Stone reaper figure and posted about it here back in 2010. I have a selection of Victorian female miniatures but the Ladies playing in the game were playing character with a lot more hardware.

It might be funny but I debated corset colors and did a bit of research here at The Damsel in This Dress, purely for educational purposes.

A closer picture to show the turquoise belt buckle and ivory handled schofield revolvers. Ivory Handle because only a pimp in a cheap New Orleans whorehouse carries a pearl handled pistols.



Michael Awdry said...

She is a beauty, lovely work Sir.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I have more old west figures in the painting queue. I have been working on getting some of my painting backlog cleared , hopefully more will follow.


Chris said...

That's one good looking cowgirl.

Colonel O'Truth said...

Ooh! I'd love to get me 'ands on a pair of those!

Pistols, that is...