Friday, October 5, 2012

Bolt Action Italian Paratroopers progress

After the painting rush to finish the models for the First war for Armageddon Apocalypse battle, I have taken a break to work on something different.

I have been building up a WWII  Italian paratrooper army to play in Disposable Heroes using their Mare Nostrum Italian supplement. The Italians are the go to army for WWII gaming versatility. They fought on both the Axis and Allied sides and against every European power and among themselves.

I am painting up a 500 point or so platoon. It consists of a command section with a radio, two paratrooper squads, a sniper team and a Semovente self propelled gun. One thing I like about the Paratroopers is that everybody can be equipped with a Beretta  model 38 smg. The basic squad is in two sections, each with three men with model 38s and a light machine gunner. I have picked up two sets of light machine guns, either Breda model 30s for earlier in the war or German MG42s for late war use. I converted a regular rifleman to have a scoped Carcano rifle to use as a sniper and upgraded his spotter to have a model 38 smg. I had to order some of the figures directly from Bolt Action so picked up a couple of their paratroopers with flame throwers that I will add as needed.

I still need to pick up a couple of colors before I work on their camouflage smocks but I plan to get them to table quality soon.



sonsoftaurus said...

So right about the Italians! Good stuff.

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