Monday, December 10, 2012

Oop Lahmian Vampire in Blue

My second Lahmian Vampire is finished. This moves my count of painted vampires to three.

Above is a work in progress shot.

This is the finished model. This one is a little less revealing than the Lahmian in green I painted earlier.

I started from a dark blue base coat you can see here in an earlier post. I layered the colors up through sky blue and turquoise. The mix of flesh and blue colors left the translucent areas a bit more green than the rest of the dress but I can live with it.

I still have two Lahmian vampires on foot, two mounted Lahmians and a Neferata model to finish. I have a hand full of other vampire models but I am working through my Lahmains at the moment.

Thanks for looking

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