Friday, December 28, 2012

Undead versus Chaos Fantasy Third edition style

The day of days arrived and the much lauded game of Warhammer fantasy battle third edition was played at Gaming Underground in High Point NC. The GameOnGw club was having their annual gamesday and Chuckaroobob and myself broke out the Third edition to show all the whippersnappers and johnnies come lately how Warhammer was played back in the day.

First is the necromancer Gregorochzyk mounted on an undead horse, his vampire consort Etelka, a unit of skeletons with shields and spears, a unit of skeletons with hand weapon and shields, two units of zombies, one unit of Grim reaper skeletons, a unit of skeleton archers and last six carrion.

Chuckaroo as part of his cunning plan used the same army from our last Fantasy Third edition game. it consisted of his Chaos warrior hero on a temple dog, Chaos warrior battle standard bearer on a chaos steed, thug hero on foot, two Minotaur heroes, five units of beastmen, two units of chaos thug cavalry and a unit of four minotaurs.

The battle lines form up and the foul chaos horde loses it nerve and makes the first moves, with a unit of minotaurs moving out ahead of the rest of the chaos army.

The Minotaurs charge into a unit of zombies lead by and undead hero.

After the fighting is done the Minotaurs break and rout away. The Zombie shamble along after them in pursuit.

The Zombies on the right and carrion on the left charge into the chaos line.

The Grim Reapers wheel and prepare to take the charge from the Chaos thug cavalry.

Chuckaroo's Minotuar hero feels the tendrils of foul magic start to surround him,

He makes a willpower test and fails,

The voice of his new master, Necromancer Gregorochzyk, tells him to turn and attack the chaos thug cavalry, who conveniently charge him.

After earlier leaving the skeleton unit Etelka and turns ethereal. The beastmen and Chaos battle standard bearer charge into the skeletons.

The other Minotaur hero charges into the zombie flank as the Chaos thug cavalry charge into the Grim Reapers.

The skeletons take a beating and are pushed back, leaving them unstable.

I roll instability and they recover all wounds. The best thing is how agreeable Chuckaroo was about this result, well I may be exaggerating about his agreeability.

Also pushed back was the zombie unit and their instability roll wasn't so good,

After losing one model in the combat they lost thirteen to instability.

The sword armed skeletons win their combat and the beastmen rout away. As a result the General on temple dog who had passed his stupidity roll, fails a panic test and flees away too.

The last carrion is destroyed after a second instability test.

After the Minotaur hero dueled with the Thug cavalry several turns, Gregorochyzk charges in. The Chaos thug cavalry break and Gregorochyzk chase then off of the board.

The Ethereal Etelka charges into the Chaos battle standard bearer. Because of his and the beastman units chaos attributes he has joined she needs a seven to hit him. She swings and misses and he has no magical attack to swing back.

The battle lines are broken, the Grim reapers and one unit of skeletons charge across the battle field while beastmen hold the rest of the surviving undead.

The Chaos warrior in temple dog makes his stupidity test and fails his fear test to charge the skeletons in the Chaos backfield.

The Chaos thug cavalry reform and fail a fear test to charge the Grim Reapers,

Chuckaroobob ecstatic about his superb dice ability.

The skeleton archers fail their stupidity roll. I didn't include an undead hero in their unit so they spent most of the game stupid.

The Skeleton swordsmen rout the beastman unit off of the board and Gregorochyzk turns and contemplates charging the Chaos General on temple dog. The grim reapers hold their own against the rallied Minotaur unit.

Bad day for the Grim Reapers. The Chaos General on Temple dog, the Minotaur hero and a unit of beast men charge the Grim reapers from two directions.

Twelve Grim Reapers go down. This is when I stated "All I needed to do was roll another six for instability and they would all get back up"  I will have to paraphrase Chuckaroo's response but it was along the lines of, if I rolled another six for instability he was going to whip out chuckaroo junior and water the table.

I rolled and only lost one more Grim Reaper, but the survivors were on borrowed time.

End game. The Chaos battle standard bearer and his unit of beastmen finally crumble the skeleton spearmen unit and Etelka withdraws from combat to fight another day. I only have Gregorochyzk, Etelka, the skeleton archers and the skeleton swordsmen left, while Chuckaroo has three units of beastmen, all his heroes and a unit of thug cavalry left.

Victory to ChuckarooBob's Chaos Minions!

Some things I could have done better is give Gregorochyzk a combat spell. Next time I will probably add in a unit of undead cavalry to give me a bit more maneuverability on the table.  I had a great time and look forward to the next game of third edition warhammer fantasy battle. I think the GameOnGw games day was a success and look forward to the next one.


Powerposey said...

I always enjoy these 3rd edition battle reports. Keep them coming.

ColKillgore said...
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ColKillgore said...

I am ready for another game. I just have to bribe, I mean convince Chuckaroobob to play another one.


Chris said...

I don't know if you'll be able to lock Chuck into a game. He told me once if you only play the one game and you win, then you can retire undefeated.

ColKillgore said...

That does sound like Chuckaroo, but we have played two games of third edition so far. He has one win and one loss so I think I will try and convince him to go for the second win to improve his record.