Friday, December 14, 2012

Ork Battlefleet Gothic fleet for Gamesday

The fleet for Waaugh Wazza

First is the Roks. The original roks are the two in front. In the distant past I built the first rok for a games workshop contest and actually actually won at the store and had it sent to GW HQ but it didn't make the White Dwarf cut. I went on a rok building frenzy and amassed the fleet.

 The main body of the Waaugh Wazza Fleet . The battleship is "Wazza's Prize", with three Kroozers and a terror ship, a group of brute ram ships and various ork escort ships.

Last is the 'ulk, it is as yet unnamed and still needs a bit of work but can still rule the space lanes.

I am planning on fielding the fleet tomorrow at the GameOnGw gamesday at Gaming Underground in High point, NC.