Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quantum Gothic Communication dish WIP

Earlier in the year I won a contest and received a Quantum Gothic Communication Dish. It languished in its box for too long and I have finally made some progress.

I epoxied the model's base onto an old compact disc. I wanted the dish to rotate and didn't want it to fall off and break when someone decided to look at the bottom of the base. I drilled out the base and the post of the dish and added two rare earth magnets. now they can pick it up and look at the underside of the cd to see if it is primed to their hearts content. I covered the base with sand and while the sand was still a bit tacky I added several areas of medium sized model railroad ballast to give it a bit more texture.
After a black prime I painted the base with a craft burnt umber. I touched up the prime on the dish and then went over it with some Vallejo Tinny Tin. I haven't glued it together yet, it is just mocked up at the moment. 
I want to get it finished early in the new year.


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