Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ogre Kingdom Bull Parade

I picked up some ogre kingdom bulls converted over to be Ogryns for 40k from Sons of Taurus. They were nicely converted and well painted but I really needed more bulls for my ogre kingdom army. I managed to remove the converted ripper guns easily enough and then rebased them from their round bases onto 40mm squares bases.

A look at the Ogre Bull parade. The painted models are the ogres I picked up from Sons. I added a bellower musician model I had already built and swapped one of the painted ogres arm for a standard bearer arm. I debated building a couple more bulls to round out the unit at nine models but decided to wait until I start playing them again.

 The unit to the right is a group of the oop Golfag's Maneaters an old Dogs of War regiment of renown. I have eight of Golfang ogres and the model in the center is a mordheim ogre converted to have two hand weapons. I used them as my basic troops the last time I fielded the Ogres which was in the 2008 Warhammer fantasy league at the now closed Castle in Greensboro.

The center unit was meant to be the replacements for the Golfag's Maneater models as my basic bull units. As I built the new style plastic bulls,  I swapped them out for the metal ogres. I ended up missing a couple weeks of the league because of my oncall schedule at work and that put m way behind but I played a bunch of games and had a lot of fun.

I last worked on them in 2011 when the newest Ogre Kingdom book came out. I still want to pick up some of the newer goodies that are in the new army book but that will be another day,



sonsoftaurus said...

That's a lot of ogres! I assume that you have plenty of arms to fill in the hand weapons?

ColKillgore said...

I have a bunch of hand weapons in the bits box. The unit in the middle has a bunch of weapon conversions to give them a little variety.
I have actually decided to get a fantasy army ready to play for some 8th edition game and the short list is the ogres and my beastmen. They are the two armies I have models mostly ready to play and the current army book.
I have over 3k points in ogres but it is with none of the newer models from the latest army book.