Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Empire Flagellants wip

I picked up a big bits lot at the last GameOnGw Gamesday at Gaming Underground. Part of the lot included a bunch of the empire flagellant torsos and heads but very few arms. I had many ideas to use them as conversions for a bunch of different models, ghouls, zombies, chaos cultist, empire militia, etc. I put them in a bits box to wait for the right time to start working on them. Not long ago I saw an auction on ebay for a different model but it included some partially built flagellants and a stack of the Flagellant sprues. I bid and won the auction. Once I received the package I had almost enough arms to build all the models. I trimmed the sprues and organized the bits but once again they would wait for another day.

The day came sooner than I thought. I have been working up my Ogre Kingdom army for an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy league. The organizer is planning on using some cool rules including baggage trains.  I have some celtos chariots and I plan to build a few of them to make some carts for the Ogres loot but then I remembered the flagellants in stocks bits. I hadn't planned to use them but them I though about using them as prisoner models in the baggage train.

The five prisoners/ slaves / surplus food for the ogre baggage train.

Along with the flagellants in stocks I assembled a few others just for fun and to see how well they go together. So far I like the plastic flagellants and will get them painted up soon.


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