Monday, January 28, 2013

Rebased Rogue Trader Sentinels

Recently I used my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army in a local 40k tournament. I wanted to use my old Imperial Guard land speeders with plasma cannons as armored sentinels with plasma cannons. I asked the Tournament organizer to decide if I could use them before the tournament and because of their smaller size he said no. In hindsight I have determined it was a good call on his part and I would have had problems against some of the people I played if I had used them.

After the speeders were disqualified I tried to figure out how to get a couple plasma cannons sentinels to replace them. My plan was to dig out my old Rogue trader Imperial Guard sentinels and use them as scout sentinels with auto cannons and magnetize two plasma cannons to go on my scout sentinels. The old sentinels were on 40mm square bases and I knew this wouldn't float so I decided to re base them onto 60mm round bases. While I was at it I decided to re position the legs to better poses than they had. So I started breaking them apart. I clean up some mold lines and a few other odds and ends and then started gluing one back together. In a instant the memories of years ago flooded back and I remembered why they had badly posed legs, it was the only way I could get them to go together. After fighting with them for far too long I decided to drop the armored sentinels with plasma cannons from my list and replace them with two armored sentinels with las cannons instead.

Since I had already broken the sentinels apart I decided to continue on and rebuild and re base them to use with my Adeptus Mechanicus army.

The four rogue trader sentinels re based and flocked. I based them on some 60mm round bases I cast in resin.

Here is a close up view of the standard pilot wearing a helmet. The helmet is the same as the original plastic Imperial guard from back in the day.

Here is a close up view of the sentinel pilot wearing a soft hat.

Last is the little sentinel that could. I picked it up in a lot or a trade but I don't remember from whom or where. I didn't break it apart because I need to add a section to both of its legs to get it closer in height to the other four.

I will probably base coat everything in shadow grey when I repaint them to match my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army.



Dai said...

5 of the things!? You lucky sod. Much prefer those old eggs-on-legs Sentinals compared to the clunky boxy current models.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I picked the first four up in the early nineties and traded for the short one a couple years ago. They have crossed many a battle field but not in several years.