Friday, January 25, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus verses Squat Marines

After three tournament games you would think I was gamed out but apparently not. Jim one of the resident Dark Eldar players has been building a Squat army based on the Space marine codex. He is using many of the old Rogue Trader vehicles and scratch building or converting everyone of the infantry. I picked unit out of my Adeptus Mechanicus army and we played a 1015 point battle.

He moves out his tactical squad in a rhino and a convert old Rogue Trader dreadnought.

The Ratlings hold the high ground while the Blob squad runs through the ruins.

Squat vindicator

The Squat Vindicator.

Squat Storm Raven
 Squat Storm raven

A plasma gun gets lucky and destroys the vindicator.

"Papa Smurf" The squat terminator librarian drops in and gets swarmed by the blob squad. He challenges a sergeant and kills him.

"Papa Smurf" goes down to the second sergeant's power axe but the tactical squad joins the fight. The sergeant takes up the sergeants challenge and is killed.

The Commissar takes up the challenge and the two duel.

The Platoon commander joins the fight as the Commissar finishes off the tactical sergeant.

The Rhino moves onto the objective while the squat storm raven strafes the ratlings.

The last Tactical marine runs but regroups.

The Marine moves into the ruins and charges the Ratling sniper survivors. They fight and the Ratlings hold the line again.

Things I learned is ratling snipers shooting marine scout snipers in the ruins is ans exercise in futility. Jim won the game but I had a great time and look forward to playing his squat army again.


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