Monday, January 14, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy Orc and Goblin army

I have been invited to play in a 500 point Warhammer fantasy Battle map campaign. I am planning to play my Ogre Kingdom army and I want to field a bunch of gnoblars. I am a little light on gnoblars, so I dug the orc and gobbo box out of the Closet of Doom. My plan is to proxy goblins as gnoblar until I get my gnoblar force up to size. While I had the models out, I figured I would take some pictures. I have been building this collection for over twenty years and more than likely will add more as the years go on.

The army in all its work in progress glory. The majority of the figures I acquired second hand in drips and drabs over the years. The largest group is a mass of Orc arrer boys I traded a bunch of Bretonnian archers for. At the time of the trade I wanted to build a big Savage Orc army and wanted to field it a couple times before I dropped the bank to get enough savage orc models. Savage orcs could get bows, arrer boys had bows, proxy made in heaven. I played it a couple times and then a new army book dropped and changed everything. The story of my gaming career.

Some more old school marauder goblin fanatic from back in the late eighties, still on the hex bases they came with. I have had these since 89' or 90' when I first started playing third edition.

Half of the reason I have an orc and goblin army. Ten of the original goblin archers from the warhammer fantasy regiment box. It was one of the best boxes games workshop ever put out, it had ten models from six different races, including these ten goblin archers. Theses archer have seen many more tables in roleplaying games than they ever saw playing fantasy battle.

The other half of the reason I have an orc and goblin army, the ten orc warriors from the warhammer fantasy regiment box.

The front two models on square bases are a couple more oldies, they are Marauder Giant Black orcs, The other two are either from Grenadier or Rafm and I think they may actually be armored ogres not orc but they are close enough for me. They have stared down many an adventurer and lead more than one orc warband to it doom.

I have been collecting this army for over twenty years and have many fond memories of gaming with them. I still have a couple kits in storage and will probably add more models when ever I can find a good deal on more models.



Powerposey said...

I haven't seen those hex bases in a long time. That regimental box was great! 60 models for $20. 10 each of Orcs, Goblins, Dark Elves, Skaven, Wood Elves, and Dwarves. I bought 2 boxes back in the day, and mine were used for many a RPG as well.

ColKillgore said...

I have since wished that I had picked up a half dozen of the regiment boxes. I have all of the models from the box I bought but the Dwarves, They were traded off to a buddy of mine back in the day.