Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus verses Dark Eldar

I made it out to my first 40k tournament in a long time. It was at Gaming Underground in High Point NC. My first match up was against a Dark Eldar player.

Here is the board at the beginning. I roll the warlord trait that gave me stealth in ruins and that allowed me to stay in the game. He had a super shooty Dark Eldar force and if I didn't have that added cover save The game wouldn't have lasted as long as it did. I had first turn but he seized the initiative and took first turn. He had the baron joined to a big squad of beast that flew up to the center of the table objective.

First models down from Dark Eldar alpha strike.

Turn two his flyer came on and I had managed to shoot up the Barons beast bodyguard a bit.

I used bring it down on the lascannon squad and managed a hit on the flyer. It was only able to fly straight after that. The commissar blog squad runs out toward the objective.

his Ravager and a raider in the back field. The raider had a warrior squad ready to get out and run fro the objective.

The Masque arrives and make my infantry squad do the two step out of cover.

And the Dark Eldar gun them down.

Marbo arrives on the far objective defended by the Daemonettes. He shot one but didn't wound it. In hindsight, I should have deployed him above them and dropped the demo charge on the objective. maybe next time.

Another Ratling squad arrives and the plasma platoon command squad moves up to shoot the Masque. Once a gain I had forgot to infiltrate the ratling squad so had to outflank them instead.

The baron and friends chewing through the Commissar blob squad.

The ratlings run for cover as the warrior move in.

The Baron Withdraws and lines up a charge on the company command squad.

More Daemonettes arrive,

both the hydras are destroyed but the dark eldar flyer heads off of the table.

The Masque kills the plasma platoon command squad.

Marbo fights the daemonnettes and loses.

The Commissar Blob Squad heads for the middle objective.

After taking two rounds of combat to finish of the company command squad the Baron repositions.

The Masque and Daemonettes charge in a finish off the last Infantry platoon.

The Ratlings Charge in, to pull the daemonettes off the objective.

The Ratlings lose big,

But Insane courage saves the day. the Ratlings hold the line.

I still lost the game by two victory points, but it was much closer than I thought it was going to be. The Ratlings staying against the Daemonettes is going to be a story to tell.

Check back for the next battle.



sonsoftaurus said...

Yikes! Rough looking game indeed!

ColKillgore said...

The only good part of the game is that I found out that the hydras still ignore the skimmer jink saves, but the dark eldar still get an invulnerable save. At least it cut out one save and I was able to drop several venoms.


sonsoftaurus said...
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sonsoftaurus said...

I understand that with the new free jink, many DE players skimp on the flickerfields, so even better for the hydra. Though I believe the venoms come with it standard.

Look forward to the reports on your other games!